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What is the maximum pressure that stainless steel fittings can handle?

The maximum pressure that stainless steel buttweld fittings can handle depends on several factors like the type of fitting, the material grade, the wall thickness and the operating conditions of the system. You can refer to the specifications of the manufacturer and also the industry standards to determine the maximum pressure rating of specific ss buttweld fittings for your application.

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Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Learn about the stainless steel fittings maximum pressure and the wall thickness of SS fittings

How to choose the right stainless steel pipe fitting for your application?

Several factors should be considered while choosing the right ss pipe fitting for your application:

  • Understand the requirements of your application.
  • The fitting are available in various grades and they come with different properties.
  • There are different types of steel pipe fitting like couplings, elbows, tees, reducers, and end caps, pipe bends, and stub ends.
  • The fitting can be connected using various methods, such as buttweld, welded or
    seamless connections.
  • The size of the stainless steel fittings should match the size of the pipe- if the fitting is too small or too large, it can cause flow problems or leakage.
  • Finally, consider the operating conditions of the system like the temperature and pressure- ensure it can withstand them without failure or deformation.

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings

Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings

Stainless Steel Welded Fittings

Stainless Steel Welded Fittings

What is the difference between schedule 40 and SCH 80 SS fittings wall thickness?

6 points that state differences between SCH 40 and SCH 80 ss fittings in terms of their wall thickness are:

  • They are both standards for the wall thickness of the fittings.
  • The higher the schedule number, the thicker the wall of the fitting.
  • SCH 80 fitting have a thicker wall compared to SCH 40 fitting.
  • The specific difference between the stainless steel pipe fittings varies depending on the pipe size- generally, SCH 80 fitting have approximately twice the wall thickness of SCH 40 fitting.
  • The thicker wall of SCH 80 fitting makes them stronger and more able to handle higher pressures than SCH 40 fitting.
  • SCH 80 fitting are more expensive than SCH 40 fitting.

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Stainless steel pipe fittings specifications

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings specifications

Refer to ASTM A403 fittings sizes in the online inventory of SS weld fittings manufacturers in India

Types Of SS buttweld fittings

SS fittings

SS fittings

  • Sizes :
  • BW : 1/2″ to 48″
  • SMLS : 2″ to 60″
  • Weld : 3/4″ to 36″

SS buttweld fittings

SS buttweld fittings

  • Wall Thickness :
  • Schedule 10/ SCH 20
  • Schedule 40/ SCH 80
  • Schedule 120/ SCH 180

Stainless steel seamless fittings

Stainless steel seamless fitting

  • Elbow & Bend Degree :
  • 30/ 45/ 60/ 90 degree
  • 120/ 140/ 180 degree
  • 1D/ 2D/ 3D/ 4D/ 5D/ 10D


SS weld fittings

SS weld fitting

  • Surface Finish :
  • Mill Finishes
  • Bright annealed
  • Mechanically polished

Stainless steel industrial fittings

Stainless steel industrial fitting

  • Production Technique :
  • Forged
  • Heat treated
  • Machined

ASTM A403 pipe fittings

ASTM A403 pipe fittings

  • Method :
  • Buttweld
  • Seamless
  • Welded


Check stainless steel seamless fittings dimensions & weight as per ASME B16.9, and manufacturing standards

Stainless steel fittings dimensions

stainless steel fittings dimensions

stainless steel fittings dimensions

SS fittings weight chart

SS fittings weight chart

How do I figure out the stainless steel seamless fittings size?

  • Measure the outside diameter of the pipe or tubing that the stainless steel seamless fittings will be used with.
  • Determine the thickness of the pipe or tubing- you can refer manufacturer’s specifications or measure it with a caliper.
  • Subtract twice the thickness from the outside diameter of the pipe or tubing to get the nominal pipe size (NPS).
  • Look up the appropriate NPS in a chart that lists the corresponding sizes for stainless steel industrial fittings.

What should consider for buying SS weld fitting?

When buying ASTM A403 pipe fittings, there are several factors to consider for ensuring you select the right like the material grade, type of fitting, size and dimension, pressure rating, weld type and the reputation and certification of the manufacturer. When you consider all these points as a buyer, it will help you find and get the right choice as per your application requirements.

What are the common standards used for manufacturing stainless steel welded fittings?

Many standards are used for manufacturing stainless steel welded fitting- they ensure that the fitting meet specific quality and performance requirements. Some common standards for ss weld fittings are ASTM A403, ASME B16.9, MSS SP-43, EN 10253 and DIN 2605. These standards ensure that stainless steel welded fittings are manufactured to consistent specifications and quality, making it easier to select and install the appropriate fitting for your application.