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ASTM A694 Gr F70 Pipe Flange manufacturer in India, Buy A694 F70 material as factory price

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ASTM A694 F70 Flanges

ASTM A694 F70 Flanges

Carbon Steel F70 Plate Flange

Carbon Steel F70 Plate Flange

Carbon steel based A694 CS Gr F70 WNRF Flanges is used in those applications which requires reinforcement in high pressure systems, especially in extremely low temperature environments. These weld neck raise flanges also aids in low cycle fatigue, which has been caused by line expansion of the other variable forces. The steel used in the manufacture of the Carbon Steel F70 Plate Flange should be completely deoxidized and any one of the following smelting processes needs to be adopted by the flanges produced under the ASTM A694 specification i.e open furnace, electric furnace or oxygen top-blown converter.

Chemical heat analysis of the steel grades of the SA 694 F70 Flange is required to be performed under this ASTM specification and the steel grade needs to in addition, also conform to specified chemical composition requirements. Besides this, the testing and tensile property requirements of the Materials must adhere to the specification as well. After conducting a heat treatment and mechanical profiling High Yield Carbon Steel F70 offers an increase in tensile strength, which means that they have the ability to withstand higher stresses. Generally, most Steel alloys very often show a decrease in mechanical properties after operations like quenching and tempering. However, in the case of high yield steel-based, ASTM A694 Gr F70 Pipe Flange are regularly suited for heat treatment as well as bending without any substantial drop in the yield behaviour of the A694 F70 material

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What is ASTM A694 F70 Flanges?

ASTM A694 F70 Flanges

The analysis of the smelting process must also be performed as mentioned in the ASTM A694 specification. Further, these forged carbon steel or low alloyed steel specified ASTM A694 F70 Flanges needs to be free of the detrimental defects.

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Carbon Steel F70 Plate Flange Standard Specifications

Carbon Steel A694 Grade F70 Flange Size Chart 1/2 Inches to 48 Inches
ASME SA 694 F70 Flange Pressure Rating Standard Pressure classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 LBS
High Yield CS A694 Gr F70 Flange JIS 5, 10, 16, 20, 30, 40, 63 K

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A694 CS Gr F70 Flange UNI 6, 10, 16, 25, 40Bar
ASME SA 694 F70 Flange Type Flat Face, Small Tongue & Groove, Lap-Joint Face, Large Male-Female, Raised Face, Small Male-Female, Ring Type Joint, Large Tongue & Groove Flanges

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