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ASTM A694 F42 Flanges

ASTM A694 F42 Flanges

Carbon Steel F42 RTJ Flange

Carbon Steel F42 RTJ Flange

The ASTM A694 Grade F42 Flange is meant to be used in demanding operations such as transmission service, where the primary requirement of the flange is to exhibit higher tensile strength and delivering excellent performance. Usually, these ASTM A694 F42 Flanges covered by the specification take into account either low alloyed steel grades or carbon steel grades which demonstrate good toughness properties. Since the ASME SA 694 F42 Pipe Flanges are used in low temperature settings, properties like corrosion resistance is not considered to be the main requirement here, although these steel grades do provide some levels of resistance to corrosion. However, apart from its good to moderate tensile strength properties, the A694 Gr F42 Flange also has the ability to withstand high pressure settings, especially those seen in the oil and gas as well as the petroleum industry.

Under the ASTM A694 specification, each designated grade has been assigned a number, which in turn correlates to the minimum yield strength of that particular flange grade in KSI unit. In the case of the ASTM A694 F42 flanges, the minimum yield strength of the flange is about 42 KSI. Typically the carbon steel based ASTM A694 F42 RTJ Flange is used in low temperature setting applications in industries such as off-shore oil drilling companies, gas processing, petrochemicals, as well as pulp and paper industry.

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What is ASTM A694 F42 Flanges?

ASTM A694 F42 Flanges

Since the alloying costs of carbon steel grades are low, the cost of Carbon Steel F42 RTJ Flange also tends to be economical, thereby proving to be a cost efficient alternative to several stainless steel grades.

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A694 Carbon Steel Gr F42 Plate Flange specification list

ASTM A694 F42 Carbon Steel Flange Size Chart 1/2 to 48"
A694 CS Gr F42 Flange EN 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar
ASTM A694 Grade F42 Flange Available Type Small Male-Female, Large Male-Female, Flat Face, Lap-Joint Face, Large Tongue & Groove, Ring Type Joint, Raised Face, Small Tongue & Groove Flanges

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Pressure Rating ASTM A694 Grade F42 Flange 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 LBS
Carbon Steel F42 Flange JIS 5, 10, 16, 20, 30, 40, 63K

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