About Us

A normal institution would be happy with the facilities we have however, we are determined to continuously improve across all aspects. This is why we have invested heavily in new measuring and testing equipment. This helps us analyze and improve the working of different materials exponentially. Below are a few instruments we have invested in.

  • Spectrometer- The main function of this unit is to perform chemical analysis on different parts. They are widely used in identifying, sorting, and inspecting metal during different processes and the final delivery.
  • UTM- These 100-ton machines can be utilized to perform a wide range of tests of iron utilizing a single machine.
  • Hydro pressure tester- In this 250Mpa structure, components of various piping systems, boilers, and pressure vessels are put through rigorous testing to check its strength and whether they are susceptible to leaks.
  • Positive Material identification- This is a fast test that is used to identify the composition of different alloys and metals.

These are amongst a few latest instruments, which we utilize while making the best products.