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Socket Weld Fitting Manufacturer In India, Buy Class 150 Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fitting at lowest price.

Socket Weld Fittings Specfication, Weight Chart of Forged Steel Socket Weld/threaded Fitting, Check ASME Socket Weld Fitting Dimensions.

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fitting

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fitting

Class 150 Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings

Class 150 Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings

A Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings is a pipe attachment device. Typically, these Schedule 40 Socket Weld Fitting are used when a pipe is to be inserted into a recessed area of either a Valve, fitting or a flange. In contrast to buttweld fitting, the specified ASME Socket Weld Fitting are primarily used for those pipes which tend to have smaller diameters e.g. - Small Bore Piping. Which means that the 150# stainless steel socket weld fittings are well suited to be used for piping whose nominal diameter size is about NPS 2 or smaller.

Malleable Iron Socket Weld Fittings can also be used to join a pipe to Valves and fitting. Or they could be to attach other sections of pipe. A point to note is that these sch 10 ss socket weld fittings are required to use a fillet type seal weld. Joints done by the 3000 lb socket weld fitting construction is considered to be a good or an ideal choice wherever the application demands important design considerations such as high leakage integrity in combination with great structural strength.

The En Socket Weld Fittings is still better as opposed to that of most mechanical joining methods.

Forged Steel Socket Weld Fittings Standard, Malleable Iron SW Fitting Dimension, Check SS Socket Weld Fitting Weigth and Schedule 40 Socket Weld Fittings Price list.

What is Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings?

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings

Fatigue resistance of Class 150 Socket Weld Fittings tends to be lower in comparison to that of butt-welded construction. This is because of the use of fillet welds and abrupt fitting geometry in these fittings.

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Specification of CS Socket Weld Fittings

Specifications Stainless Steel SW Fitting
ASTM A403 Socket Weld Fittings FittingType DN15-DN1200

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Class 150 SW Fitting Pressure Rating Pressure Rating class 2000, 3000, 6000lbs
Size Range 1/8 Inches TO 4 Inches

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