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Check Stainless Steel RTJ Flange Price List, RTJ Flange Manufacturers in India.

SS RTJ Flange Manufacturer in Mumbai, Check ASME B16 5 RTJ Flange Dimensions & RTJ flange weight Chart.

Ring Type Joint Flanges

Ring Type Joint Flanges

Stainless Steel RTJ Flanges

Stainless Steel RTJ Flanges

RTJ Flanges

RTJ Flanges

An ASME Ring Type Joint Flange, or often abbreviated as RTJ is to be used when a metal to metal seal is required between the mating flanges. Typical applications of the Weld Neck Ring Type Joint Flanges is for any demanding applications, wherein the conditions of the application could be both high pressure as well as high temperature, where the temperature can rise above a range of about 700 C° or 800 C°.

The ASME Ring Type Joint Flange features a circular groove which can accommodate a ring joint gasket. Apart from a circular groove, the ASME B16.5 RTJ Flange Dimensions can also accommodate an oval, or a rectangular groove, depending on the requirement of the application or the clients need.

As the two specified RTJ Flanges ANSI B16.5 have been bolted together, following which they are then tightened, the applied bolting force tends to deforms the gaskets inside the flange groove. As typical behaviour of Stainless Steel RTJ Flanges, they tend to have good resistance to corrosion across several media and they can withstand high temperature settings as well. In addition to this, benefits such as the long service life as well as the excellent performance of stainless steel are why many of our clients prefer using the SS Flange RTJ across multiple applications.

Stainless Steel RTJ Flanges manufacturer in India, View Dimensions and Weight Chart of ANSI B16.5 Ring Type Joint Flanges, EN 1092-2 PN16 RTJ Flange, Check ANSI B16.5 RTJ Flange Class 600 Price List in Mumbai.

What is Ring Type Joint Flange?

The Ring Type Joint Flange is known to create a very tight metal to metal seal. However, in order to make this possible, the material used in the manufacture of the gasket needs to be softer or in other words, more ductile in comparison to the material of the RTJ Flange.

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RTJ weld neck flange Standard Specifications

ASME B16.5 Ring Type Joint Flanges Size Chart 1/2" (15 NB) to 48" (1200NB) DN10~DN5000
RTJ weld neck flanges Pressure Rating Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 LBS Ring Type Joint blind flanges

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RTJ blind flanges JIS 5, 10, 16, 20, 30, 40, 63 K RTJ blind flanges
RTJ blind flanges Connect Type Raised Face, Lap-Joint Face, Ring Type Joint, Large Tongue & Groove, Large Male-Female, Small Tongue, Small Male-Female, Flat Face Flanges

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